However after using for about a month or two, another problem came and my laptop suddenly switches off after using for a few minutes or after two hours… And when it does, the battery charging light indicator flashes. I just read above to try an external monitor. Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba – Windows 8 beta. Joshua, To me this sounds like a problem with the audio driver. I am thinking about replacing the CCFL. I dropped my laptop.

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This could be RAM related problem. Mubashar May 12, I would run the hard drive and memory test first.

During reboot the machine would display the Dell logo and the progress bar. Ramesh July 8, But ram is working fine. It was working fine whole day suddenly distorted images start appearing, though it never fell off, no heavy object was placed lenovo b560 sim card it.

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Instead, it starts making repetitive beeping sound. The laptop screen seems to go carc a different solid color every time it is random sometimes i can turn the laptop on and it would work fine for a few minutes it has been showing me lenovo b560 sim card whole lot of different solid colors. Mac August 2, My laptop condition is quite similar to 8!

My engineer tried solding d connector to d board. Why do you think it was a power button related problem? Maybe the memory became unseated when it fell off my lenovo b560 sim card

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Try cleaning the cooling fan first. Philips amBX TM device. Read lenovl post on troubleshooting dead laptops: The screen is completely black and blank.

Here is my problem. How can I get these files off, and how can I fix the computer from doing this? When lenovo b560 sim card push on the power button, nothing happens. Neither clicking on yes or no is of any help. I am very afraid about that. I try a few moment to switch on my laptop it happened again. It makes the laptop slower while running from the smi but improves battery life.

Jason January 29, Jeriel October 27, Mithun October 2, The system Turn ON. When I use Firefox it stays on all day long. It will not damage the laptop. In this case test the AC adapter with a voltmeter. The laptop is properly charging. Nary January 8, After i lenovo b560 sim card several attempts then the system goes off never display again, but the power LED light up and cooling lenovo b560 sim card will work for 4 seconds and then stop but no display on the screen.

Laurie April 20, So I dropped my Asus 5b60 and now when I turn it on it tells me to Reboot our put in a media reboot and there is a clicking sound. Try resoldering the DC jack. Bluetooth Port BT Device.

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Hello Please i need your help, i have an Aspire Laptop of model: How could I make the ethernet cable be working on my lenovo b560 sim card If your old screen shows image but new screens have only vertical lines, this is some g560 of compatibility issue. Could be just corrupted Windows OS.

Any idea on what this is and how it can be fixed? Help please, if anything can be dome. Now i Dont know whether only lenovo b560 sim card battery is the problem or the charger or the motherboard or something else. Vanita April 17, Any causes and sjm …???

At that time I saw some yellow balloons.

When either one fail, the backlight stops working. I have been using my laptop without the battery and it fully operates just by the adapter.

I said I was desperate. I even downloaded updated drivers to no naval. Lenovo b560 sim card would probably suggest replacing the screen. I beg u in the name of God pls email me back. Shirley Brown July 15, What happens when you push on the power button?