And yes, this is a laptop. DC Jacks by Make and Model. Declan July 19, Disassemble the laptop and start putting it back together testing after each step. I have never experienced that before, i have done pc recoveries alot of times before. George Fernando, How much time the laptop works without shutting down?

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I forget to check the available space in hard drive. What I should do in this case. Sarah January 11, Hp pavillion ze4400 works fine for zd4400 or 30 minutes and then become extremely slow than usual and sometimes turns off automatically after a hour or more. It was working fine.

Jeff March 6, My pavjllion computer turns down by itself and then reopens by itself. I test the power adapter hp pavillion ze4400 a voltmeter. Caring For Drives I double-checked pavvillion settings and it is set to sleep on close. I let hp pavillion ze4400 sit like that for almost 5 min and nothing happened. To Check Battery Status The region where the fan is lacted gets heated up when i play a game like cricket or fifa.

From my experience a hp pavillion ze4400 CPU or memory module will not force the laptop to shut down after seconds, you just cannot start it but it usually stays on. Please help me, i have contacted hp support they do not know the problem.

My laptop turns off without any reason | Ask Laptop Freak

Will NOT even turn on. I cleaned the corosion off the screws and replaced the fan and the screws. Andy November 30, After that spray it h the air intake on the bottom. Minimize the laptop as much as you can until you have only three major parts left: Marcus May 24, Hp pavillion ze4400 have a compaq armada M, You try to turn it on, it will go off in 3 — 4 seconds.

Kind of lags and freezes a hp pavillion ze4400, but other than that it was working fine.

Configuring Your Notebook I thought perhaps the HD was corrupt, so I decided to do a system restore. No Dust because i cleaned with Compressed air and come out some dust.

My laptop turns off without any reason

This is the Jack only, you will need to reuse your harness. The cooling fan hp pavillion ze4400 on the radiator and helps to disperse the heat produced by the CPU.

Buy a can of compressed air or even better find an air compressor and spay air inside the fan grill on the bottom of the laptop. If the fan works fine, then check if the heatsink pabillion clogged.

HP Pavilion ZE Specifications | 01

SDRAM was one of the slowest kinds of memory available. I left it on for 3 days downloading a movie after that i turned it on and it turned off in 2 seconds.

Try installing the original memory stick back and test the laptop again. Ran computer and played game. Replaced the heatsink and cooling fan.

L, D, D, D Hey im having trouble with my laptop it turns on then off.