A Nokia phone with an oldish version of Opera – makes sense since they are practically neighours – Opera Norway and Nokia Finland. Department of useless stuff: March 17, — 2: This list defines the various Apple OS version numbers against a variety of hardware and build numbers. Richard tells us that it will still not render this page – always a sure sign of a weak browser!

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String from Scott Francis – thanks. String from Janne Vaittinen – thanks.

Phone Claim – File a Claim for Your Device | 01

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A Nokia n-gage – mobile gaming system – but can it make voice calls sanyo scp 6760 well! July 13, — 4: Historically HTC products were badged for use by operators. String from Mark Grandi – thanks.

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Silent Circle Blackphone BP1. String from Martin Chongtham – thanks. String from Nils Stolpe – thanks. String from Jef Juhri – thanks. String from Dan Sicomas – thanks. It’s probably optimized for OC access. We believe in providing quality content to our readers. String from Harlover Ajay – thanks. Motorola Milestone – top string is default lower one is in desktop mode.

Michael also writes that if you use acp Alcatel, released the Venture in March String from Rangamani Srikrishnan – thanks. We always sanyo scp 6760 an email to thank you for your contribution – if you don’t sanyo scp 6760 one it’s ‘cos your spam filters are probably putting it in your junk folder thanks a bundle or ‘cos you gave us a wrong return address ‘cos you don’t trust us thanks a bundle.

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Tech Stuff – Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings

From Mike Royalty – thanks. Mostly tablets and other mobile thingies. Blackberry Bold 2 chinese knock-off sanyo scp 6760 Acer Iconia A Tablet Android 3.

The Droid series seems to have been rather well received. String from Pete Serina – thanks.

Radiation Chart | SAR Shield – Cell Phone Radiation Protection | Mobile phone radiation chart

The official name on launch was Galaxy Nexus but it was know prior to launch as Nexus Prime so we just included sanyo scp 6760 the names in xanyo explantion to sayo we confuse everybody. Apparently this is sanyo scp 6760 in desktop mode, when switched to mobile mode the string looks like that below. It’s been a very long time since the last update. March 17, — 2: Blackberry Research in Motion is now dead, long live Blackberry.

Top 10 Unknown Phones – Phones Nobody Ever Cared About!

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Blackberry Torch with software upgrade Safari version number change. String from Sam Albuquerque – thanks. A Nokia Classic.