Lumidigm Mercury Series fingerprint scanners and sensors are supported under Microsoft Windows platform. The SDK is based on new technology that provides enhanced recognition capabilities for use in a wide range of robotics, artificial intelligence and computer vision applications. Suprema BioMini fingerprint scanner is supported under Linux platform. The multi-biometric solution manages very large databases, includes enhanced reliability and fault-tolerance. The new version features improved face detection algorithm. January 29, SentiSight 2.

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MegaMatcher includes fault-tolerant computer cluster software, which allows to reach high productivity and efficiency, as well as fast processing of digent fingerprint number of fingerorint requests, scalable system architecture and support for databases with practically unlimited size. Our template generator algorithm has been ranked the first in the NIST MINEX interoperability category; the fingerprint matching algorithm ranks second and, when combined, the two rank as the most accurate digent fingerprint speed fingerprint recognition system.

Fingerprint segmentation, extraction and matching are digent fingerprint performed with greater precision. Featuring improved face liveness detection for greater accuracy with new passive, active or combination modes.

The new versions support development of Web-based applications, live face fingeerprint and incorporate MegaMatcher fingerpirnt algorithms for reliable biometric identification.

Application form and more information for the customers are available here.

Supported Biometric Scanners and Sensors

Also, most of the Neurotechnology products have been updated:. June 25, New fingerprint readers are supported by MegaMatcher digent fingerprint. The freeware application digent fingerprint with a webcam to capture hand gestures for controlling computer programs without a mouse or touchpad. April 29, New biometric scanners: The new version of the solution for large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric systems features:.

The Fiingerprint file contains seven separate certificates, as each of them was issued for a particular computing platform. August 2, Digent fingerprint 5. All embedded products are compatible with the corresponding PC-side products. Read our press release for more information. October 7, NPointer 2.

Configurable facial template size and improved template generalization. This includes new checks digent fingerprint face darkness, pixelation, looking away, skin reflections, glasses reflections, skin tone, washed out colors, red eye and ICAO fixes for red-eye correction.

March 21, The new SentiVeillance 6. Improved facial recognition accuracy. The digent fingerprint version of VeriLook features improved reliability and faster matching speed.

February 23, New MegaMatcher Accelerator is available. The smart monitoring algorithm for video surveillance provides biometric facial identification, as well digent fingerprint identifies whether subjects in motion digent fingerprint people or objects and detects when defined borders have been crossed, triggering alerts in law enforcement and security monitoring systems. The new version features improved face detection algorithm.

Also, new digent fingerprint scanner support modules have been added to MegaMatcher 3. Biometric standards support was updated. MegaMatcher Accelerator fault tolerance — a new failover architecture that utilizes a peer-to-peer network structure and requires fewer active nodes to maintain the digent fingerprint. June 1, Neurotechnology releases MegaMatcher 9. Suprema BioMini fingerprint scanner is supported under Linux platform. Green Bit MultiScan palm print and fingerprint reader.

Iris and voice biometrics products feature general SDK updates.

June 18, New devices supported: Adding Biometric Supply hardware options to Neurotechnology software allows customers to more easily obtain all of the digent fingerprint and software components required for their biometric system implementations. Axis M network camera is supported under Microsoft Windows platform. November 22, NVeiler Digent fingerprint Filter 1.

Digent fingerprint 12, Neurotechnology releases MegaMatcher Accelerator Extremethe fastest biometric engine in the world. Also, most of the Neurotechnology products have been updated: Featuring improved speaker identification in text-independent mode, offering a higher level of accuracy for speaker identification applications.


The VeriEye placed in the top digent fingerprint for iris recognition accuracy and the top two for speed among algorithms from 11 participating companies and universities. Scheduled report export to ftp or local folder.

March digent fingerprint, Neurotechnology announces major updates fingerpriht entire biometric product line.

Neurotechnology’s news: product releases and events

October 15, VeriLook Surveillance 3. U scanners are now supported under bit Windows.

It records time and attendance information while offline and then automatically synchronizes the data with the NCheck server as soon as a network connection is available. July 23, Indonesia now using MegaMatcher biometric technology in integrated passport issuance system.

The digent fingerprint version digent fingerprint based on VeriFinger 6. Object recognition products feature general SDK updates. Samples for all programming languages updated. Database synchronization with a new Android client supports workers in remote locations where digent fingerprint connections are unavailable.

The fingerprint matching algorithm is one of the most accurate for interoperable identity verification. The algorithm is also included in MegaMatcher 9. April 23, MegaMatcher Accelerator 7.