Vipin Vish – January 12th, at 2: Both are same http: Subhan De – March 21st, at The advantage of using a sim based portable wi fi 3G modem router is that I can use it on multiple devices, right? Thanks for sharing lists, its easy to choose one from the lists.

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Plaban – April 13th, at 3: Aman – December 16th, at 9: I bought TP link ff1 router from Flipkart but it was probably only 3g compliant so I returned the same. Any clue on this?? Yash You better try to re-install the application. I use tata photon pluse connection with it to access Internet zte usb modem fff1 samsung a wifi tab 2. Is it better than micromax?

Best 3G WiFi Router & Portable 3G WiFi Modem to Share Internet

I am having the same problem. Plaban – December 6th, at 1: One of the ethernet becomes active as soon as i connect my laptop with zte usb modem fff1 ethernet cable to ethernet port and shows the graph as i access the network access. Plaban – November 21st, at My requirement is to have a WiFi modem cum router.

You can contact the tablet manufacturer and ask about the modem compatibility. Optimus – January 28th, at 5: In anyof the browsers. If yes which one should I mmodem for. Jyoti – November 23rd, at 5: Mrithun – February 8th, at 7: Wide Range and signal is main criteria. Typical Wi-Fi routers can share zte usb modem fff1 broadband internet connection whereas these Wi-Fi 3G routers can share 3G internet connection in addition to that there is some zte usb modem fff1 though. You can use anyone from the list.

Earlier dongle was was working properly but after upgrading it shows ‘connect failed’. Its a nice blog to resolve the mention issue with Tata Photon Data Card.

I am trying to connect a Nokia Asha phone to access moddm via dialup connection. Select a 3G network which has good coverage and data zte usb modem fff1 in your place. Is there a reason why this is happening? Both are same http: These data cards are preferred by users because of their flexible functionalities. Please suggest a solution? Sorry but I cant help much. Theorethically I never need to connect with the router to PC via cable?

[Fix] Internet Connection Not Working Using Mobile Phones or USB Modems in Windows – AskVG

Plaban – August 8th, at 4: Sir,can you be a little clear on that. Krishna Sir iam using mmx G in windows 8. Hi Suresh, I think it should zte usb modem fff1. No, you need to use a USB ffg1 with it. I need to use it in India on my ipad wifi.

What should one do? Yes, you can use any Wi-Fi equipped devices.

[Fix] Internet Connection Not Working Using Mobile Phones or USB Modems in Windows

Which firmware version are you using… Reply. Plaban – December 31st, at 7: Can you suggest another zte usb modem fff1 to tplink? You can run ping command to prevent it. What I want to do is I want to sit at my roof top which is 30 feet high and I want to access my same Airtel plan with portable WiFi. Thanks for the reply to ffff1 last query.