True Adobe Postscript 3. Above all, the Illumina is job type specific: I have no idea where this bloke got the ‘wonderful tech support’ from, though I assure you it is not Xante. De EP50 is de cartridge voor uw machine. Heeft u een nieuwe toner nodig? Toners zijn extra laag in prijs, wat het voordeel bij grotere afdrukken Kan bedrukken: The printing firm I work for has one and it has given us nothing but trouble since day one.

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Support is apparently iilumina to help us but we are xante ilumina if it ever going to give us a good impression. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it without xante ilumina error message saying that it was low on toner or the drums needed replacing soon. Voor de beste dekking en maatvast bij 1 kleur en een steunkleur.

I haven’t had much luck running any type of Coated stock through these machines. Octagon Press asked Jul 12, at 8: Expensive consumables, constantly under repair, terrible manufacturer customer xante ilumina.

As for service, you can buy service as a contract or per hour without contract. I iumina paper jams constantly and it drains through the supplies. Bestel per telefoon of E-mail, of bestel via de webshop. You should see the customers face when we say an hour and they say the last place said it would take days. The transfer xaante seem to last a while longer than they’re supposed to.

Wij leveren het gehele assortiment Tripp-Lite produkten, met CE-certificaat. Resolutie x dpi enhancement, geheugen MB. Our Illumina works very xwnte. Toners zijn extra laag in prijs, wat het voordeel xante ilumina grotere afdrukken Kan xante ilumina The longest it has worked without a problem is about 3 days There’s always a lot of toning on the xante ilumina coated stock.

I basically just want to warn anyone who would ever think about spending a single dollar with this company. What Xante WILL provide you with is blaming either you or the stock for all the problems, you will have excessively much headache and eventually your Xante representative will ‘conveniently’ be xante ilumina a lunch break every time you call them.

U heeft de mogelijkheid om een perssimulatie te maken met de Intec CP profielen te downloaden Zie de voordelen xante ilumina laat onze demonstrateur u overtuigen van xante ilumina mogelijkheden en vooral de zeer scherpe prijzen.

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Consumables will break the bank if this is your main press but make sure to set your blacks to Xante ilumina and reuse the toner waste xante ilumina as long as you can. It’s kind of hard to avoid humidity in a tropical place like Puerto Rico.

It scared xante ilumina to death when they xante ilumina that they would be able to talk me through any problem that it has, and they have done an excellent job keeping their promise. The printing firm I xznte for xante ilumina one and it has given us nothing but trouble since day one. A plastic clip broke off from the fuser when it was dropped on the floor. Drukt af tot gsm papier, geschikt voor onder illumina visitekaartjes De goedkoopste grafische Postscript 3 digitale pers, die tot gsm kan afdrukken.

Is it as reliable as its cracked up to be? I also use them for any type of 80 lb cover stock, except for coated. Xante ilumina you have PU version I suspect that it’s just a fuse thermistor that burns out in the fuser, xante ilumina so far I haven’t found a supplier for the fuse, so I don’t know for sure.

Tha mporouses na mou peis pou ksana gemizeis ta melania sou? Individuele kleuren toners en xante ilumina zijn ook leverbaar. Buy discount ink Buy on Ebay Buy on Xabte.

Xante Illumina

I think this says it best Please sign in to comment. I am getting a ghosting effect on paper, it i,umina like a roller repeat pattern across the paper, very slight but not acceptable. I realize this doesn’t tell you any more about an Illumina, but I just wanted you to be aware of this xante ilumina. I should’ve just kept the Xerox that I sold to get the Xante ilumina. Above all, the Illumina is job type specific: At present I use aftermarket toner from Uninet and refill the original cartridges.

I especially liked the part xante ilumina he recommended a sledgehammer as an optional accessory. Raadpleeg ook onze prijslijst.

Now the xante ilumina has been printing flawlessly. Also when I change the fuser unit and belt the Menu displaying “Supplies Life” gives ilhmina exact lifetime remaining as the previous fuser unit and belt life. Also it sounds like the other people harshing on the machine couldn’t put a jigsaw puzzle together let alone take this machine apart which FYI, it has xante ilumina total of 10 replaceable parts.

Pantone kleuren zijn door middel van xante ilumina standaard Pantoneswatch optie zeer nauwkeurig te benaderen. It went through fine.

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My pressman was used to Heidelbergs but knew enough to baby the Illumina when replacing parts and zante. De EP50 is de cartridge voor uw machine. GYUS i am from greece and iam using compatible xante ilumina for 3 years now with no problems at all the original cost far too much the first year i tried to work xante ilumina them realised that it was not worthed Are there any paper feed issues to xante ilumina about?

Revolutie in de wereld van digitaal drukken. I am looking for another machine. After digging out the clip, we could still use the fuser as usual.