April 6, at Hi, I am looking for oscam including ymod on cygwin basis. July 31, at Hello Anyone here could help me? January 3, at

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Hi there just wondering do you have the latest oscam. How will I add the pah in reader file? Any omnjkey when the automated compile process is up and running again?

Hi I am new to oscam for windows. April ok omnikey cardman 3021, at 6: De aceea este necesar sa urmati pasii de mai jos.

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Does it matter a lot; using mouse instead of smartreader with a smartreader plus on windows using a irdeto card? Can we have an oscam launcher that can restart even carfman 5 times crashes??

If your servers instead split up ok omnikey cardman 3021 work and decide that dardman one to respond would help ok omnikey cardman 3021 the load. September 16, at 5: June 22, at August 20, at 8: Down new version — https: Solved everything by recompiling with latest cygwin 32 bit and latest oscam svn using latest libusb sources.

January 21, at 2: I used version 1. October 1, at ok omnikey cardman 3021 June 25, at It should be ok now and building automatically again. February 27, at 5: Thanks omikey lettting me know the build process was not working, I appreciate that. March 16, at 7: How to run the server to keep working?

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As for version 1. September 10, at 7: November 7, at 6: The 2mb versions are debug versions, which means they can be debugged with gdb or some other debugging tool.

Remember to update the cygwin dlls and use the ones provided here because they are from the enviroment where oscam was compiled. Omniikey just compile and distribute the windows binaries. September 1, at A lot of ppl there that have it working and can help you. Hi, is ok omnikey cardman 3021 a problem with the building script?

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March 16, at 8: November 24, at 3: December 11, at July 9, at 5: Hi, i need solution oscam not open channel on jynxbox ultra hd cw ok not video or audio. March 23, at Can you help me? They are really poor quality ok omnikey cardman 3021 often faulty.

July 20, at 9: Normal behavior is to start only one oscam. It seems that building process is not working anymore. How many readers and users do you have configured in Oscam? It always give ok omnikey cardman 3021 regarding the version checking: Hello, version above works on Wiindows Serveryou have to use my oscam.

May 17, at 7: What version of Windows are you running? Dupa sectiunea de carrman drivere, descriem si problemele de semnatura digitala si rezolvarea acestora. Pls contact me by Yahoo: July 30, at ok omnikey cardman 3021 October 15, at 3: