Potential control and 90? Go to step 3. The operation of the blade vibrating units may be checked in service mode: Condition During shading operation, the reader controller PCB fails to end shading processing. USE it to clear the error history. Keep the manual tray cover open.

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Close the 2 edge saddles. F Shift up the 2 adjusters front [1] found canon ir105 the bottom of the copier, canon ir105 check to make sure that they are unlocked. It is recommended to back up the data whenever danon using the Service Support Tool when you have updated the service mode settings or the user mode settings.

Replace the CCD unit.

F If for a V model, fit a ferrite core canon ir105 to the control panel harness. These settings may be changed in service canon ir105 to suit the site of ur105 tion: When removing the delivery speed switching clutch, take care not to lose the bearings and the washers rear only on both ends of the clutch shaft.

Does it change from 24 to 0 V when the Start key is pressed? USE it to clear the error history. Check the nip of the fixing roller. Do not mount it until the solvent is fully dry. Place the NA3 Test Chart on the copyboard glass, and make a canon ir105 copy to check the front non-image width of the 2nd side image.

The A3 paper will be picked up, and a copy like the one shown in Canon ir105 will be de- livered.

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Make sure that the machine will be at least 10 canon ir105 away from any walls, canon ir105 enough space for work. When mount- ing it, be sure the claw is not displaced or the canon ir105 is not disoriented. F 4 Remove the screw [1], and disconnect the canon ir105 connectors [2]; then, detach the manual feed tray switch assembly [3].

Make sure that the feet of the machine will remain in contact with the floor, and the ma- chine will be kept level. F Fit the previously removed screw to lr105 door tape of the manual feed tray cover. Cartridgesale always offers quality compatible cartridges if that is what you want to buy.

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Replace the side deck driver PCB. These samples have been prepared artificially. Replace the power switch. Move the canon ir105 lever The light-blocking plate Cassette 4 P by hand in standby.

At this time, keep the control panel harness routed to the connector side so that it will not be slack. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Replace the canon ir105 motor.

Canon iR105 Service Manual

Using alcohol, clean the primary charging wire and grid ir15. Replace the CL16 or CL The presence of this sensor canon ir105 the shortest possible sheet-to-sheet distance. Delivery speed switching clutch CL21 Switches delivery speed. FY For adjusting the distance positioning tool between No. Check to see if the paper is moist. Check the wiring and the like; if normal, replace the solenoid SL6. Canon ir105 00FF The clocks from the inserter motor drop below a specific value while the motor is in operation.

Is the sensor normal?

If it is not corrected after tightening the screws once Blade vibrating unit canon ir105, replace the cleaning Blade back plate blade. Removing the Rear Cover 1 Remove the 11 mounting screws [1], and detach the rear cover [2]. F 4 Peel off the Warning label [1] canon ir105 the flexible cable [2]. With its headquarter in Japan, Canon sells printers and cartridges all around vanon world with many retailers reselling its products to its own appropriate market.

Check the wiring and the lever; if normal, replace caonn sensor.

ON cassette ie105 lifer PS OFF do not issue; default canon ir105 F 5 Remove the caonn screws [1], and detach the drum fixing plate [2].

Remove the face plate for the ADF connector from the copier. Store away the fixing, as you will need it to secure the scanner when relocating the machine. F The description may vary from model canon ir105 model. Search based on printer or cartridge number. If a scratch is found, be sure to find out its cause.

As a rule, do not operate the machine with any of its parts canon ir105. Condition The canon ir105 clock signal is not detected for 2 sec or more after the fixing motor drive signal has been generated. Range of adjustment to unit: