Dev Tools text editor vs VS? Absolute Database from componentace Good support and no shared issues, extension can have any name sample const DataBaseFileName: Almost every other db product requires external files to run. Make sure that the configuration file folder is set to the program’s data folder. We might be forced to in the future but, in the areas I can control, I will stick to the existing definitions of ’embedded’. ComponentAce is a small company with a good support and am sure for other companies mentioned the same or even better. A DB server OTOH can maintain such locks in memory, which makes it a lot easier for it to recover from a power failure.

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Technically, you’re right and I agree with you.

ComponentAce is a small company with a good support and am sure for other companies mentioned the same or even better. Sure maybe it could be easier with the other databases named here???

Enter a descriptive elevatedb odbc for the data source. The objective is convincing the powers-that-pay-the-bills that moving to D that we’d have to purchase is a better idea than moving elevatedb odbc D7 for which we have licenses.

I’ve packaged up Werner and Feder’s Flevatedb scanner via py2exe here. IME the problem with a file system based approach is that it somehow has to maintain some sort of elevatedb odbc at the file system level, which makes it vulnerable in case of a power failure while a client is accessing the database.

The other poster not speaking for him and I do not agree to the attempt to change the definition. I did elevatedb odbc test ABS database into exe, like mentioned i assume if the Elvatedb is worked in the Elevatedb odbc, i could image the database been into the program exe.

ElevateDB ODBC Driver Setup Tutorial for CyberMatrix software

I am not sure if there will elevxtedb a performance gain compared to your ofbc correct– definition of ’embedded’ if the elevatedb odbc is actually ‘compiled in’; but there definitely is the convenience angle of distributing one single exe. From my use of the products over several years, I find that ElevateDB works the best for me. I ekevatedb Delphi Creating a data source DSN.

The support for ElevateDB is top shelf. This could be easy done with Absolute Database to keep new database creation inside instead making an emthy external new database. Click the Add button elevatedb odbc add a new system DSN. And the common used phrase is just “Embedded DBMS”, which means embedded into application and is used exclusively by the application: The worst outcome is elevatedb odbc IDE stalls or falls into elevatedb odbc loop of error messages and any unsaved work is lost.

And the service responds with an answer. We have an agreement with Elevate to provide this driver elevatedb odbc our customers in exchange that we handle all support.

The application is a set of executable modules, other files, configurations, rights, elevatedb odbc, etc. Elevatedb odbc not the locks its the half written data when the client or network hardware crashes.

I did test Firebird as embedded using not embedded but the superthis tested from a memorystick. See my initial comments above.

DBISAM ODBC Driver Client/Server

Does not compile into your program. That depends on the data access components. Dmitry Arefiev on Oct 22, 8: I’d like to hear your thoughts.

The main problem is IDE stability. Then when I wanted to execute the. I was trying to create a C Winform project based on a Delphi prototype and ran into elevatedb odbc problem which I posted to some Winform forums So the1 that embedded should not exist is out of the unkwon sfeer for me and am going to start seeing this as an oppertunity. For myself, if I have people who are not willing to setup a server or run it on a computer that is always onElevatedb odbc would elevatedb odbc not have those clients.

Kies uw variant Full-Version. BAT file that I use to do some post processing on the executable after it is built. Snelle levering Live helpdesk Advies per elevatedb odbc Persoonlijke service. Make sure that the configuration file folder is elevatedb odbc to the program’s data folder. I’ll let someone else address that question The best outcome is that I have to save everything and restart the IDE. Christian elevatedb odbc ad this to my previous answer.

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Embedded may have few meanings. My sincere apologies to ComponentAce. All three apply to some degree Now many elevatedb odbc don’t care about “do’s and don’ts” in programming. Then it happens, that the MDB file goes corrupt.