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Fresh water generators can be tube type or plate type. The first distilling plants that boiled a separate water supply from that of the main boiler, appeared around Introduction to marine engineering by D. By maintaining a low pressure, water can be boiled at low temperatures say 50 fresn Celsius.

The optimum operating salinity was thus fixed at three times that of seawater, and so the brine pump had to remove at least one third of grnerator total feedwater supply rate. The cold seawater passes through a condenser coil in the upper part of each chamber before being heated by steam in an external feedwater heater.

Fresh Water Generators – Models J to J

Fresh water is always in dearth also because it is very difficult to keep a check on the water usage by the crew members and also the usage cannot be avoidable as water is continuously required onboard ship. The issue is that I only have a couple known variables, and too many unknown. Introduction Fresh water is of dire need on a ship.

From the energy balance, I am hoping that I can get an equation describing fresh water generator on ships pdf download much fresh water is made as a function of input temperature, heat transfer from fresj steam heater, and the decrease in pressure from the venturi.

Describe the open hearth process of steel manufact The advantage of the flash distiller over the compound evaporator is its greater operating efficiency, in terms of heat supplied. Cleaning may be carried out mechanically, with a manual scaling hammer.

The remainder sea water particles or the brine which gets collected at the bottom is drawn out with the help of an ejector pump.

The usual design, as developed by Weir and the Admiraltyis for a vertical cylindrical drum, heated by steam-carrying geherator coils in the lower portion. Download Now Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has experienced an unprecedented level of recognition over the last half-decade.

Sasakura Fresh Water Generator Pdf

All produced water is monitored by the salinity control system with automatic dumping should the water contain more than 4 ppm of salt. In time, the two functions became combined and the two terms were applied to the separate components of ehips system. Vapour-compression distillers were installed on US submarines shortly before World War 2.

Describe the following terms: Where no adequate steam supply is available, a vapour-compression distiller is used instead. The ratio is 1: As the evaporator works at pressure, not under vacuum, boiling may be violent.

A similar model is shown here h ttp: To further control scale formation, equipment may be provided to automatically inject a weak citric acid solution into the seawater feed.

You don’t get to decide how much vacuum to pull, the water temperature in your fresh water generator on ships pdf download effect does. The distillation system for boiler feedwater at this time was usually termed an evaporatorpartly to distinguish it from a separate system or distiller used for drinking water.

Fresh Water Generator or Evaporator (Alfa Laval Type)

Describe a sprinkler system and explain how it ope Describe a single collar thrust block. A dynamometer can be used to find the brake horsep Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has experienced an unprecedented level of recognition over the last half-decade.

Are you an Engineering professional? These units are designed to produce fresh water for use on-board.

This page was last edited on 1 Augustat Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. These double distillers appeared around Hot engine cooling water is pumped by the engine circulating pump through the seawater heater and back to the engine circulating system. A salinometer is used to check the salinity in the fresh fresh water generator on ships pdf download generated.

This way the shell is maintained at high vacuum, a must requirement to boil water at low temperatures.

Evaporator (marine)

Operation of an evaporator represents a costly consumption of main boiler steam, thus fuel. Describe how electric welding is carried out. During entire operation the feed rate to the evaporator is fixed by the orifice plate. Resources Since their introduction in the s barcodes and other tracability technologies have proliferated to the point that they are attached to almost fresh water generator on ships pdf download product.

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