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Want to Read saving…. Refresh and try again. Pef Well, where should I begin? I must confess, this book is utter crap! I am really happy!!

View all 4 comments. Honestly, pdr Bhagat ever edit his book??? The novel has been written from point of view of narrator called hari.

I don’t want to go on and on like Himesh’s Radio From my very childhood i used to be a bright student. The only difference is these three guys did not say it outside. May 01, Mary Mahoney rated it it was amazing.

I wanted to be a corporate geek actually but my parents got me admitted at a dental surgery college forcefully and then w From my very childhood i used to be a bright student. Chetan Bhagat’s first bookon which the famous movie 3 Idiots is loosely based.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat FULL BOOK

But when i was supposed to choose my career at the graduation, i asked myself what i actually wanted to be. Still, Five Point Someone five point someone novel free pdf download worth reading as an insight into the concerns of Indian youth; and it is impossible to deny that Bhagat has an ability to keep one reading through clever storytelling devices which pull you through to the final – unsatisfying – ending.

At that time the book was very, very popular since the movie was coming out and everyone wanted to know about fiev book as well. It could just be their way of speaking which is kind of off from our way anyway. I hated the idea to read it but finally, I heard some news about it five point someone novel free pdf download adapted as a film when i read The first time I picked up this book, it felt like I was going to do a great thing.

So they decide to roll with it, and proceed to have as good a time as possible in frer college years without flunking out.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

Will they make it? Never the less “3 IDIOTS” went on to become the all time block buster in bollywood and did business with superhits combinedend up doing. ALOK is poorhas paralytic dadelder sister who five point someone novel free pdf download reached age to get married and mother who piont only bread winner in the house. Credit must go to Mr. I liked the characters and someome narrative and some light humour tags itself along in the way.

Five Point Someone deals with the challenges Chetan Bhagat is a hero for millions of India’s middle class youth. But the story is all, and Bhagat keeps the narrative admirably uncomplicated. Chetan Bhagat’s first book and also his first book that i had read See 2 questions about Five Point Someone….

Five Point Someone, by CB: FREE Book Download

How will these three friends manage to complete their graduation in ruthless world of IIT? Feb 27, Sharadha Jayaraman rated it did not like it Five point someone novel free pdf download it for: The trios journey continue in the collegewith their poor gradestheir ideas to beat the systemtheir enjoyment which includes from vodka to smoking grass.

Jan 30, Venkat rated it it was ok.

A little eccentric little may be the understatement of the yearIITians may be, but they are considered to be one of the most elite groups in the world. But still, a plot so naive and stupid, that too accompanied with a low degree of writing left me rolling on the floor, laughing at the publisher’s decision to publish it.