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There are several YouTube performances worth noting. The introduction provides a good exercise in making chord melodies, and overall the arrangement is a real working out playing in C out of open tuning chord positions. Never Ending Love is a fine example of his technique and taste. Homestead on the Farm In his recording, Reno played this C lick variety of different ways, but the way he played it in measure is the way it is generally played by pickers today.

The lesson this week features bluegrass banjo legend Sonny Osborneand Rocky Top, the song most associated with the Osborne Brothers, the band bahjo led for many years with his brother Bobby. At some point, Junior gave up the banjo and took up the guitar. He has come up with some great variations.

Summey was replaced by Pete Kirby, better known as Bashful Brother Oswald, who would remain with him for the rest of his career. The MP3 comes off of the album. Gibson claims credit for this modification on the American Continent.


The first is a recording by Bill Evansstraight ahead Scruggs style, from his Rounder album entitled Native and Fine. The lesson tablature starts with Crowe’s classic intro on Jimmy Martin ‘s definitive rendition first recorded for Decca Records in January,when Crow was only 22 years old. The tempo may seem slow, but this is the probably the original tempo for the fiddle tune, and the tempo that a lot of old-time country fiddlers still prefer to use.

He is known for the train whistle sound effect he gets with his voice. The banjo is in C tuning, so the tune also provides an opportunity to practice some simple back-up using closed chords in that tuning. I’ve tabbed this out as closely as possible to Ralph’s execution for demonstration purposes, but I have also added a revised tab which substitutes the ;df roll in thise situatiuns, more in keeping with Scruggs doctrine, whihc dictates that it is better to use the thumb for melody whenever possible.

Clawhammer consists of downward striking of one or more of the four main strings with the index, middle or both finger s pf the drone or fifth string is played with a ‘lifting’ as opposed to downward pluck motion of the thumb. The song was written by the husband and wife country music songwriting team Felice and Boudleaux Bryantwho also wrote Rocky Top.

It was his first recording in twenty years. The much simpler Earl Scruggs version was the subject of Lesson In old time Appalachian Mountain music, there is also a style called two finger up-pick, and a three finger version that Earl Scruggs developed into the famous “Scruggs” style picking, nationally aired in on the Grand Ole Opry.

ZEPP Country Music, Inc.

One of the earliest recordings I have found is a fanciful, wandering melodic reverie from North Carolina fiddler Marion Reese, recorded in his home by folklorist John Lomax for the Library of Congress in I remember petee from a visit he made to my Uncle Sidney Ruppe’s home; rocking in a rocking chair and picking “Home Sweet Home” in the key of C. Rolls are right hand accompanimental fingering pattern[s] that consist of eight eighth notes that subdivide each measure.

Archived from the original on 18 August The last video is a performance by Cash with former bluegrasser, now retro-country star Marty Stuart, which I thought was an interesting contrast. He uploaded his fine performance in February, The open break is very close to the tab.

Aeolian mode Dorian mode Ionian mode Mixolydian mode Pentatonic scale. The guests each performed a few of their signature hits, backed by the Dirt Band members, who set aside their usual amplificatied instruments for the acoustic sessions. The second MP3 example features Snuffy Jenkinsa pre-bluegrass three finger picker who heavily influenced Scruggs’ own picking.

The banjo picker is 19 year old Brennen Ernst of Leesburg, Virginia, and he really flows through the Reno style single string licks in this performance. Earl splits his breaks with Nashville harmonica sideman Charlie McCoy.

Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms cont.

MP3 files at ZEPP Country Music, Inc.

The last video is actually a on-line lesson, uploaded by Jim Pankey of Chatsworth Georgia. Inas country and western music pushed more traditional groups off the charts, Mainer abandoned music and moved to Flint, Michigan, to work in a GM assembly plant.

I knew you’d like that!! This lesson we are going to try out another tune by Doug Dillardhis signature instrumental Doug’s Tune. But in the live performance, Warren is apparently not prepared to take a break, so Crowe plays the entire 16 measure interlude, the first half in his signature honky-tonk style, and the second half following the single-string formula he used in the intro.

The band Asleep at the Wheelfeatured in the second video, has been the leading Bob Wills interpreters over the last forty years. Remington Ride was one of Reno’s signature pieces, extravagantly showcasing his use of the right-hand thumb brush to create an almosty tenor banjo like sound when he wanted it.

The lead vocal was done by Roy Lee Centers, perhaps the best of the lead singers Ralph took on after his brother Carter died in Coney Island was once the site of Cincinnati’s premier amusement park, but was substantially reduced in scale in the early 70s, when its corporate owners opened a much larger park north of the city.

Frank Lawes —of the United Kingdom, developed a unique fingerstyle technique on the four-string plectrum instrument, and was a prolific composer of four string banjo music, much of which is still performed and recorded today. Ground Hog is a very old folk song widely throughout both the Appalachian and Ozark mountains. Virginia and the Westward Movement.